September is still Summer!
September 6, 2017
6:30 pm
San Francisco, California
Martuni's Piano Bar
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September is STILL summer!

There’s seems to be a great bemoaning amongst the populace that summer is over. Poppycock! Have some people never seen a calendar?!

One more calendar month of summer is still to come! The very best Bay Area weather is just ahead of us. Yes, kids are back in school, but the Bay Area arts and culture scene is roaring back to life. Join us as we kick it off, won’t you?

It is hot outside, but cool in the piano room of Martuni’s! This month we are featuring selections from:

Il Trovatore
And more!

September Guest Artists:
Senen Bagos, Jr., Tenor
J.T. Williams, Baritone

Vismaya Lhi, Spinto Soprano
Rachel Warner, Contralto
Tristan Robben, Verdi Baritone

This month’s Collaborative Pianist: Dwight Okamura

Join us for some opera, as you sip on some of the city’s best cocktails, served by by awesome Martuni’s team!ion: Free (with cocktail purchase!)