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haiku-logo(special thanks to my friend Rachel Warner for her Haiku Wednesdays on Facebook – it makes me write! )

lift your eyes skywards
the phoenix begins to rise
her wings shooting flames

wingnut oh wingnut
dew eyed unraveling folks
twist their thoughts in space

Words winding title
English from Italian sighs
Modernize me please!

Sing, Song, Chant along-
Notes amid a maddened wrong….
Rapture and Release!

Oh the price, the cost-
complaining serpents, stung wasps
in the checkout line.

Chartreuse, blood red stains
lapis, pained glass windowflames
raiment ecstasy!

the firebird rising –
fierce flames spike the morning sky.
lights worlds…. soaring song.

ebb, flow, out again.
ranting thoughts, red poisoned pen
no patience for fools!

work, work, sometimes play
on we go, here by the bay…
Friend, stay a moment.

Coffee oh coffee!
That magical elixer-
That rapturous brew!

Making fine mistakes
In one language or other
The beauty of words…..

European tales,
Italy, Croatia, France…
The wording of worlds!

Those Judgementalists,
Cruel self-righteousness!

inflares-gratifies the vague;
I prefer the moon.

Sadly beautiful:
the muralist conceived hope-
HIS future shot down…..

Graceful bird of flame…
winged fires torch the red flecked sky-
Emerges unscathed!

We sing as we cook
Our flames turned up all the way –
Scorched pans, sweet cake!

Infinite movement….
Gossamer, limpid moment.
A voice soars in flight!

or, I surmise, simply luck….
can make a heart sing!

of history repeating…..
Can I be released?

We’re faceless in groups;
No eye, hand, touch to reveal-
Please…..tell me your name.

After the tears end
Amelia leaves Renato…
gypsy life begins!

Dangling by a note,
delicate each arching phrase…..
thwarted by the BRASS!

So fragile the world-
and so pervasive these fears;
Sing light to our tears….

shoppin frenzied dame
made left turn from right lane….’tis…
seasonal insane!!!!!

I remember you….
2 years ago, today, my
brother’s blue eyes closed!!!!!

My sorrow remains…
Still missing you that I lost-
can never regain.

Onwards without you.
Still somewhere inside I hear
your ringing laughter!

on the freeways here
southern california jaunt…
cars are this mad world.

Winter’s breath is cold, clear…..
dreams dark, midnight’s blue halo.
hope lives inside snow.

heavy the gray mist,
deer search for hidden grass blades
inside her-a fawn.

soft skin in warm air-
the body adrift in sky….
clouds of azure dreamed.

Music! Sing out high!
‘Opera Cocktales’ to come….
Martuni’s Wednesdays!

She’s risen flaming-
watch her fly-performance high!
No wings needed here!

Certain days I dream…
Of those things that might have been;
Fleeting images.

Glimpsed through fading thoughts..
Almost seen…silent, muted.
Inked glass on my mind…

Chant charming checkmate…
chastise churning choosing churl-
chant challenge changes!

All narcissists know
No one else matters but them….
trampling Trump trumpets!

No truth wasted here-
No unsolicited hope….
I prefer kindness.

Traveling by plane
2 outfits, red, black and gold….
nothing is extra.

Traveling by car
nothing is decided on….
my trunk filled with stuff!

scheduling is hell…
waiting for that next reply…
constant not knowing!

will they or won’t they;
my list is growing longer….
i beg you: REPLY!

On certain mornings
every window to the world
looks closed and shuttered.

This too shall pass by
my friend-as the world moves on-
This moment will pass…

Meld, miss, memories.
Mingle, manage, mild, means-to…
Miraculous mom(s)!

On who we love most
flaws, fears, failings fall hardest….
So sad….yet so true!

For what we love most
we fight fiercest, struggle on.
wish calm light for all….

Last note adjustments;
Uptakes, out-takes – inbetweens….
Breathe…..on with the show!

By some chance we’re here….
Not there; still on this sad earth-
By some random chance.

Fragile our bodies….
Broken hopes on breaking fears….
Shattered is the world.

I’ve reached a crossroads….
Joy, vision down a new road!
Clear light awaits me….

This ember, a spark.
Not freedom yet, but a glimpse….
A possible glow.