Public Speaking

We have all found ourselves fidgeting through a boring presentation.  Worse, we’ve worried that we could be that dull or nervous presenter.

Rather than worry about failing, take steps to succeed!

Your physical presence and how that’s reflected in your voice determines whether or not your good ideas are heard.  Power comes when a voice rings true to itself.  Becoming aware of restrictive habits and replacing limits with possibilities is an individualized process, one that can’t be done on-line or by reading a book. Voices are unique; you deserve the personal attention Vismaya provides.

Vismaya’s distinctive and ingenious training moves you from self-consciousness toward self-confidence, from nervousness toward poise.  Almost immediately, you’ll find yourself at ease with the feel and sound of your voice.  Worry dissipates as your natural voice is nurtured toward its full range.

Be the speaker people want to hear.  Be the presenter who holds attention.  Find your voice with Vismaya Lhi

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